Prepare Now!

Prepare Now

Lessons Learned: Vacancy Provisions

Every property loss has a story. Some are rather interesting, many are sad, others are hard to believe, and almost all of them teach us a lesson.  When we are fortunate enough to learn a lesson we try to pass it along so others don’t make the same mistakes.  We were recently referred a loss […]

What Is A CLUE Report and Should I File An Insurance Claim?

  Most of us are familiar with CarFax. We see the commercials all the time with the Fox puppet following the prospective car buyer around warning the buyer not to purchase the car before purchasing a detailed report on the vehicle. Believe it or not, there is a similar system that insurance carriers use for […]

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Restoration Experts of North Carolina is a Triangle-based restoration contractor that strives to mitigate losses using as little reconstruction as possible. If reconstruction is necessary, we'll handle the job from start to finish through one point of contact.
We handle restorations needed after flood or water pipe failure, storm damage or fire-smoke damages.