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plumbersRestoration Experts of North Carolina works with numerous plumbing, HVAC and other service trades in the area to help them:

  • Protect and maintain their valuable customer relationships.
  • Create customer cheerleaders and build word-of-mouth referrals for new business.
  • Get back to work faster when damage is caused or discovered.
  • Reduce the tendency for the customer to blame them when damage is discovered.
  • Help protect themselves from liability, especially when mold and sewage are involved.
  • Minimize the cost of repairing damage caused by their own techs.

Mitigation Focused, Full Service

We mitigate water and mold damage without resorting to reconstruction whenever possible. If reconstruction is needed, we’ll take care of the loss from start to finish through one point of contact.

Transparent Restoration

We work under a transparent business model and provide comprehensive documentation in near-real time. This makes it easy to understand what steps are being taken to restore the property to pre-loss condition. And because we comprehensively document every loss, you’ll have the information you need to help protect yourself against potential future liability.

Contact us to find out what Restoration Experts of North Carolina can do to help facility and property managers prepare!

Water Damage Restoration and Repairs
Flood-Water Damages Raleigh NC
Water Damage Restoration Cary NC
Burst Water Pipe Damages Durham NC
Flood Water Repairs Chapel Hill
Water Damage Restorations Apex NC
Water Damage Restorations Holly Springs NC
Fire - Smoke Damage Restorations
Fire - Smoke Damage Services Raleigh
Emergency Damage Restorations Durham
Storm Damage Repairs Cary NC
Fire - Smoke Damage Services Chapel Hill
Sewage - Black Water Restorations Apex
Water - Flood - Storm - Emergency Damages and Restoration
Restoration Experts of North Carolina is a Triangle-based restoration contractor that strives to mitigate losses using as little reconstruction as possible. If reconstruction is necessary, we'll handle the job from start to finish through one point of contact.
We handle restorations needed after flood or water pipe failure, storm damage or fire-smoke damages.